Villarrica, Chile – Where You Can Walk Through Nature, Bath In Hot Springs Or River Raft For All Your Heart Desire

Villarrica is an urban and collective farm community found in southern Chile situated on the western shoreline of Villarrica Lake in the Province of Cautin,near to the Villarrica Volcano ski center in the southeast.Villarrica, residents go by the nameVillarriquences.

Due to an international repute as a holidaymaker’sdestination for Mother Nature lovers, summer leisure and winter sports fanatics, the population growth, and economic structure development increased. A further contributor to these developments are the purchasing of retreat/second-homes by European and Americanexpats.

With a mild and humid climate, tourism, dairy and grain farms, as well as forestry are the main providers to the economic accomplishments.During the summer season, being between December and February, and also known as the dry season, water sports and sunbathing are commonevents in the warm temperatures experienced at the low height above sea levelfluctuating from 200 to 500m.

With various rivers in the surrounding area, such as the Tolten, Trancura, and many more, fishing, and river rafting is popular activities amongst young and old. Gorgeous waterfalls grace the area with their beauty, and includes Ojos delCaburga, León, La China, andPalguin.

The numerous volcanos supply the community with hot springs, temperatures fluctuating from 48C to 90C


The San Rafael Glacier In Chile

The San Rafael Glacier is within the beautiful iceberg of the Laguna San Rafael National Park in Southern Chile. You approach the majestic and wonderful glacier by sailing and navigating around the icebergs. This glacier is a wonder in this lagoon; it extends to great widths and stands out among other icebergs. It is always a dazzling sight to get a view of the immense glacier running over 4km in width and reaching out of the water to 70m in height.

Using a boat or a canoe you will navigate near it and get a more close view but observe a safer distance. There is always the vision of other icebergs towering out of the water but for the special glacier, its sight is baffling the blocks of ice towering out and the caving into the water. The tip of the glacier extends about 15km and has been retreating with time and continues to retreat. In some years time it will only be a small part of it that extends from its source. Get a visit to the park and experience a life time moment navigating the lagoon beautiful icebergs to get a view of the special San Rafael Glacier.


Get the best experience in touring by having a view of Calbuco

Have you ever imagined the experience of visiting an active volcanic mountain surrounded by the most attractive wild animals? Would you wish to have an experience of witnessing a volcano eruption? Calbuco mountain gives you an opportunity to experience all the fun that you can never get anywhere else. With the latest eruption of Calbuco volcano having occurred in April 2015, there is sufficient evidence that the more eruptions are expected. The mountain environment is secured to ensure that eruptions do not harm the tourists. Calbuco is the only place in the world with the most active volcanic activity taking place when and where you have an opportunity to change fiction into a reality. All the theories you have heard about mountain eruptions can become a reality by visiting Calbuco.

Apart from the eruptions, at Calbuco mountain one can interact with nature. There are few places in the world where natural forests still exist, and Calbuco is one of them. Compounded with the conducive environment, it makes the place the destination of many. Calbuco mountain is also very tall, about 2,105 metres, making it an attraction to many. Some people may wonder where to spend the dark nights when visiting this beautiful environment where most people are longing to tour. The worry of where to spend your nights should never be a worry anymore. The place is surrounded with modern hotels that offer the best services in the world at affordable costs. For lovers of nature, there is no reason not to visit Calbuco as one of your preferred destinations. All people who have had the opportunity of visiting the place always keep on coming back for more fun. Have the experience of seeing a volcanic explosion that can last fro more than 90 minutes and can go up to 10km in the sky.